How is Windows 8 different from Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7
How is Windows 8 different from Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7

The biggest question I get all the time regarding Windows 8 is how the heck is this different from Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7?

Well the truth is, Windows 8 was a total rethinking of Windows and there was a lot of thought and effort given to making this version of Windows better and more efficient than previous versions of Windows.

Well, let’s take a quick look.

Here are some features that are unique and exclusive to Windows 8.

Metro or Windows 8 User Interface.

This new tile based interface is the face of Windows 8. It’s an original and new way of manipulating icons and data and is primarily optimized for touch.

The New Task Manager

The Windows task manager has been upgraded in Windows 8. The new Task Manager is much more granular and shows a lot more detail than previous versions of that widget.


While Windows 7 was (barely) used on Tablets, it can be argued that Windows 8 is primarily a tablet optimized Operating System. The OS has been built for mobile devices from the ground up.

ARM Support

Windows has traditionally run on Intel based x86 systems and has not had support for ARM-based devices. Boy has this changed. This Operating System will heavily lean on and ARM chips. ARM chips are cheaper and run longer than traditional Intel chips and are perfect for mobile devices.

Lightning Fast Boot Time

The Windows 8 development team definitely focused on bootup time. There are Windows 8 devices that can boot up from in 6 or 7 seconds. This compared to around 20 seconds on faster Windows 7 devices.

Better application management

Windows 8 is constantly working on your behalf to maintain application stability and efficiency. The Operating System has the ability to make sure applications that aren’t being used don’t drain your Operating System of precious resources.

The Windows Store

Microsoft have created an Application store where we can now buy software for Windows 8. Brand new to Windows 8, this store not aonly allows users to download (for free) or buy interesting new apps, it will let entrepreneural developers make money from developing apps for Windows 8.

Sync All Your Data to the Cloud

Your address book, photos, SkyDrive data, and even data within third-party apps can sync up to the cloud, and you can access them on any Windows 8 device—even a brand new one. Just sign in, and you’ll have access to everything. You can even sync all of your settings from one Windows 8 PC to another.

Refresh Your PC

Windows 8 allows you to “refresh your PC”, where you can perform a clean install with the tap of a button. Whether you’re selling your machine or just want a cleaner, faster installation of Windows, you can do it all in one click. You can even set refresh points, similar to restore points, so you can refresh your PC to the way it was at a certain point in time.

Theses are just a few of the differences that make Windows 8 different from older versions of Windows.

As you can see, it’s a lot more versatile and powerful than Windows 7.

For more information about Windows 8, check out:

You can head to the store and pick up your copy.

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