How Linking To Metro Apps On The Web Will Work

rd party app stores and a jail-breaks arrive down the road. While I’m glad that MS confirmed they would create listings pages that allow developers to easily link to Store downloads directly from the web, it was pretty much expected. All marketplace-based operating systems offer something like this. It would have been incredibly foolish if the only way to look at and be directed to Store downloads was from the store itself. The bigger question for those used to more open download models on Windows, do you like the idea of apps being locked down and limited to just the store? Or do you think they should be more open to 3rd party app stores? Personally, I think a locked down policy makes a good deal of sense, after all you can still get traditional x86 applications from 3rd party sources. Keeping Metro simple and safe is of utmost importance if they really want to position themselves against other tablet offerings. What is your take on the app store and its more locked-down nature (when compared to traditional Windows applications)? [ source ]]]>

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