How Microsoft Managed To Keep Surface Tablet the Best Kept Secret Ever!

Techradar talked with Stevie Bathiche, the Director of Research at Microsoft’s Applied Sciences Group to find this out. He said that the design team initially worked in an underground bunker with no windows. When the team outgrew, they moved above ground into a larger building which has kind of security you associate with bank vaults (or Microsoft’s cloud data centres for services like Office 365, which have guards with guns and take biometric verification to get into). He said, getting into the Surface building meant going through airlock-style doors; the outer door has to close before you can get through the second door and go inside, so you know there’s no-one sneaking in behind you. He also said that Microsoft has a major manufacturing design setup in what it calls the Garage, full of 3D printers, injection moulding machines and computer-controlled laser cutters. This is the first time that Microsoft has put such tight security behind any product. This time they took all the measures necessary to stop the leak of any info. I loved the way they kept it secret. With this event they successfully managed to build the hype for Windows 8. I would love to see more of those secrets in future. What about you?]]>

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