How To Change Active Hours For Windows Updates In Windows 10

Microsoft keeps Windows 10 updated practically round the clock. Although most updates are released on Patch Tuesday, the company very occasionally lets loose new patches out of band.

If you want to change when the latest updates, drivers, firmware and hotfixes are installed on your system, you can set active hours that let Windows know when you usually use the device. If a restart is necessary to finish installing an update, Windows will not automatically restart during active hours.

This is how you can change active hours in Windows 10.

1. Open the Settings app by pressing Ctrl + I.

2. Go to Update & security right at the bottom.

3. You will see an Update settings section in the Windows Update panel that provides a number of different settings, including the ability to change active hours for the device you are using.

4. Click or tap on Change active hours, and this small window will pop up.

5. You can set your active hours here. The latest versions of Windows 10 now allow you to specify active hours of up to 18 hours in length maximum. Previous range was valid up to 12 hours. Set things up here, and click on Save.

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