How to change colors in Windows 11

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Colors have always been integral to the Windows experience. Microsoft has always emphasized this, as it moved away from the black and white reality of MS-DOS to its remarkable new operating system.

They are just as important in the modern new OS as they were in the initial releases.

Let’s find out how simple it is to change colors in Windows 11. You can do so easily from one panel, and this is a great way to stand out from the crowd and make the new operating system truly your own when it comes to the visual feel.

Change colors in Windows 11

If you want to change colors in Windows 11, you can do so from a dedicated section in the Settings panel. Doing so will affect how apps and window surfaces are shown in the OS, as well as the transparency effects and accent colors.

This is how you can change your colors in Windows 11:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click or tap on Personalization.
    Change Colors Tutorial
  3. Choose Colors.

This panel below will open up, serving up a wide range of options for you to customize colors to your heart’s liking.

Change Colors Tutorial

Changing the colors scheme in Windows 11, involves making these three main choices.

The Choose your color option is simply a quick way to adjust the overall look of the operating system, using either a light or dark mode. A custom option is also available for you to opt between default Windows mode and what color is shown in apps.

Below it, is a toggle to turn Transparency effects on or off.

The Accent color option is where things get really interesting. You can change the accent shades in Windows 11, and plenty of choices are available. These show up on your Start Menu, and title bars, as well as borders on open windows.