How To Change Date And Time Formats In Windows 10

One of the first things people customize after installing Windows 10 are the date and time formats. In other words, specifically, how date and time is displayed throughout the operating system.

This may also be necessary if you are traveling.

Changing the date and time formats in Windows 10 revises how these are displayed for your account, and you can easily customize these from either the Settings app, or from the Control Panel. The latter option provides a few additional options.

Here’s how you can change the date and time formats for your PC.

The easiest way is via the Setting app.

1. Open Settings.

2. Click on the Time & Language icon.

3. Here, make sure that Date & time is selected on the left, and then click or tap on the Change date and time formats link under the Formats section on the right side.

4. You will comprehensively be able to change how date and time is displayed here in this window.

It is also possible to change the date and time formats from the traditional Control Panel in Windows 10, and doing so offers a few extra options.

1. Open Control Panel in Icons view.

2. Go to Regions.

3. Select the language you wish to use the date and time format for. A handy ability here is that you can select another time and date format for a language, without changing your display language. The dropdown menus below let you customize the formats however you wish.

4. You can also click on the Additional settings button, and then go to the Time and Date tabs respectively to make more changes.

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