How To Check Your Data Usage In Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with a useful little feature that provides you with an overview of the data usage for the last month. This is particularly useful for those with limited data allowances.

In previous versions of the OS you had to rely on third-party programs to keep tabs on this information.

But the latest version of Windows offers this intelligence in a separate section in the Settings app, conveniently listing the complete data usage for the past 30 days. Windows 10 also provides a breakdown of your connection, and details of which apps and services are consuming how much data.

Follow these simple steps to check your data usage in Windows 10.

1. Open Settings.

2. Go to the Network & Internet section.

3. Scroll down and select Data usage in the left side of this panel, and you will find an overview listed on the right, along with a breakdown of your connection types like WiFi and good old Ethernet.

4. If you want the full details of the data usage of the apps, simply click on the View usage details link to open up the Usage details panel. This will show a detailed analysis of which apps and services are consuming what amount of data, down to even the smallest one.

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