How To Clean Up Junk Files With Storage Sense In Windows 10

Your PC can quietly fill up with useless junk, without you even knowing where these junk files are scattered. Microsoft introduced the new Storage sense feature for just this purpose.

It is not exactly feature rich in its current state, but still is handy to free up storage on your device.

Once Storage sense is enabled, Windows will automatically start clearing out unneeded temporary files, and will also delete any files in your Recycle Bin that are over 30 days old. In the Fall Creators Update, this feature can also get rid of files in the Downloads folder that have not changed in 30 days.

You can activate and set up Storage sense from the Settings app.

1. Press the Win + I shortcut key combination to open Settings.

2. Head to System, and then Storage.

3. Here, you’ll find the Storage sense option on the right side, with its very own toggle switch at the bottom to enable or disable this disk cleanup feature.

4. You can also click or tap on the Change how we free up space link to go to a new page that lists a couple of extra options. These include deleting temporary files that your apps are not using, and files that you have banished to the Recycle Bin and have been sitting there for a month or so.

5. The Clean now button will try to free up some space right away, useful if you are running short on space on your device.

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