How To Disable Apps From Accessing Your Camera In Windows 10

Living in the age of multimedia means that every other software has features built in that can use the camera in your Windows 10 device. Many can, in fact, directly access the webcam or camera.

While others only request to open the built-in Windows Camera app.

You can prevent apps from using your camera hardware from the Settings app in Windows 10, and even choose which applications can access your webcam or camera via simple toggles. All the big ones like Cortana, Maps, Skype, Store and Microsoft Edge are here.

Follow these steps to disable apps from using your camera in Windows 10.

Launch the Settings app by pressing the Shift + I key combination.

1. Go to Privacy.

2. Under Camera, make your choice whether you want apps to use your camera hardware or not.

3. Windows also lists the apps that directly access your camera, and you can enable or disable their permissions from this panel, according to your desires.

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