How To Evoke The Emoji Panel In Windows 10

Depending on who you ask, the new Emoji Panel is the best new addition in Windows 10. Microsoft has finally baked in a dedicated panel for these emoticons in the Fall Creators Update.

Which you can use to insert emojis and smileys anywhere and everywhere your heart desires.

Documents, comments, social statuses — you name it.

And the best part is that not only can you easily search for your most used ones, but more emojis are added to this panel on a regular basis. It is even possible to customize the skin tone of the various faces here, and everything is fast and snappy.

Watch how easy it is to evoke the Emoji Panel in Windows 10.

1. Press the Win + period (.) key combination anywhere you want to insert emojis.

2. A small panel will pop up in the bottom right corner, with an extensive and easily navigable selection of emoticons and smiley faces. Simply click on the one you want, and Windows will insert it in the text field or wherever you want the emoji placed.

3. If you want, you can even search for an emoji right here. Results are display instantly, and update as you type.

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