How to manage fonts in Windows 11

Managing fonts in Windows has always been a simple and straightforward affair. This process got a bit streamlined in Windows 10, and remains largely the same in Windows 11.

You have the ability to install your own font, which will then be used wherever fonts are needed.

In this brief tutorial, we’ll learn how to manage fonts in Windows 11, how to download new ones from the Microsoft Store, as well as a couple of good resources to download even more typefaces that you can use on your computer.

Manage fonts in Windows 11

Like most things in Windows 11, there are two ways to manage fonts. That’s because of the fact that the classic Control Panel still exists in the operating system alongside the newer Settings app. So, while we wait for the transition to be complete, there remain multiple ways to do the same thing.

And since the Settings app is a modern implementation, it shows you certain fonts like emojis and icons in their true glory. In the Control Panel applet, they are still only displayed as text characters.

We’ll be taking a look at both ways.

Method 1

Since Windows 11 already packs font management capabilities in Settings, let’s start there. This panel lets you drag and drop new fonts to install, shows you all the installed fonts on your system, and you can also preview the font using your custom text to see how it looks on screen.

  1. Press Winkey + I to bring up the Settings
  2. Go to Personalization.
    Manage Fonts Tutorial
  3. Scroll down and then click or tap on Fonts.

This is where you can easily manage your installed fonts in Windows 11, or add in new ones.

Manage Fonts Tutorial

Clicking on each typeface family opens up a special screen where you can preview the font, check it out in different sizes, and also view the metadata and licensing details of the typeface. This is also where you can uninstall a font to delete it from your system.

Method 2

The other way around it, one which most of you might be familiar with, is via the good old Control Panel. Like most items in this panel, getting to the fonts section is very easy. Once there, basic management options are available.

  1. Click on Start.
    Manage Fonts Tutorial
  2. Type Control Panel and then click on the app icon.
  3. With the app open, make sure the view by Large icons option is selected up top.
    Manage Fonts Tutorial
  4. Click on Fonts.

With the applet open, you will have a range of options to manage fonts, both on a systemwide and individual basis. You can right-click a font family to open, copy, delete, preview, print, and even hide the fonts.

Manage Fonts Tutorial

Explore the different options here, several of which are not yet available in the Settings app.

Download fonts from the Microsoft Store

The Microsoft Store houses what can be called a very small section of fonts that you can download and install on your system. Link to this section is provided right in the Fonts panel of Settings. Simply click the link that says Get more fonts in Microsoft Store.

Microsoft Store Fonts

The selection is pretty barren. Only 19 different choices are available at the time of this writing — just plain sad. Nevertheless, feel free to explore and download what you like, and your chosen font will show up in your system.

You can also manually install fonts in both the panels listed above. For that you will want to expand your horizons a bit, and download your typefaces from other places.

Best places to download more fonts

Unlike other resources like graphics and icons, fonts are a little concentrated on the web. Yes, there are commercial type foundries where you can buy and licenses expensive fonts. But as far as free fonts are concerned, you only have a handful of big choices.

If you are only in the market for the best of the best, then it’s hard to go wrong with Google Fonts.

Google Fonts Website

With 1064 font families up for grabs, you have a wide selection of typefaces that you can download. They are categorized as Serif, San Serif, Display, Handwriting, and Monospace, and multiple styles and languages are up for grabs.

Other good websites are 1001 Free Fonts, which houses more than 60,000 fonts, and Windows Fonts. DaFont is another perennial favorite site for folks that want to download new and unique typefaces for use on their system or projects.