How To Open Magnifier In Windows 10

One of the most useful accessibility features included in Windows 10 is the Magnifier. This simple tool enlarges whatever that is being display on the screen.

Making it easy to read and view what is being shown, particularly for people that have eyesight issues.

You can use the Magnifier tool to enlarge part, or all, of your screen so that you can see images and text better. Better yet, the it comes with a range of different settings so that you can customize its usage to the way that best suits you.

There are a few of different ways you can open and close Magnifier in Windows 10.

The quickest is from the Run dialog.

1. Press the Win + R keys to open Run.

2. Type magnify, and the press the Enter key to open the tool.

Magnifier also resides in the Start Menu, tucked away under a folder.

1. Click or tap top the Windows logo in the Taskbar to open the Start Menu.

2. Navigate to the W section on the left, and open the Windows Ease of Access folder.

3. Here, you’ll find the Magnifier icon, simply click to open it.

And finally, you can also open up Magnifier from Settings. This is where all the goodies reside, and Microsoft has brought together all the various options and settings for its handy magnification tool here in this panel.

1. Open the Settings app.

2. Go to Ease of Access.

3. Select Magnifier from the left pane, and you will see a bunch of different options listed to the right, most of which have been added in the Fall Creators Update. These range from a simple toggle to turn on the tool, to usage options, magnifier mode settings, and even keyboard shortcuts.

4. Open the Magnifier tool from here, set up its usage, and also take a look at the various tracking options listed below to customize things to your preference.

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