How to preorder your new Surface tablet from your local Microsoft Store

So the new Microsoft Surface 2 and Surface Pro tablets will be available early next week.

There are a few ways you can preorder your new surface tablet. First of all you could preorder it online from Best Buy or the Microsoft Store.

I just found a much easier way to do it.

You can simply do a search on the Microsoft Store page for your local Microsoft Store.

It should be in the top right hand side of the sales page.

Microsoft Store 1

Microsoft Store 1

In my case, it automatically identifies the nearest store to my geographical location (Pasadena, California). That’s the Glendale Store.

Next, you click on the location and it takes you to the homepage for the store.

Microsoft Glendale Store

Microsoft Glendale Store

You can call the 855 number and that takes you to the national center where you explain what you want.

Once they determine you want to preorder hardware from your local store, the operator transfers you to someone at the local store.

The local person took down my name and address. They already had me in the system so they were able to identify me and they sent me an email receipt.

Microsoft Surface Order

The whole thing took 2 minutes.

No credit card information needed, just my name and my address and now I have a receipt to pick up my device from the store.

2 minutes!

Very well done….

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