How To Prevent Apps From Using Your Microphone In Windows 10

The microphone is becoming more and more important in Windows 10, and is now being used not just for communication and dictation, but also by Cortana and other apps and services.

Sure, it’s not for everyone, talking into their computers.

And if you’d rather not, then disabling apps from accessing your microphone is easy as turning off a toggle switch. Windows 10 also lets you define which applications can use your mic, and you get individual settings for apps like Messaging, OneNote, Skype, Feedback Hub and Microsoft Edge.

This is how you can prevent apps from using your microphone:

1. Open Settings.

2. Go to Privacy, and then Microphone.

3. In the right side, you have the baseline option of disabling all apps from using your microphone up top, while at the bottom you get the ability to choose which applications can use your mic, and turn the permissions on or off at will.

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