How To Rebuild Search Index In Windows 10

Windows uses the index to provide you with search results faster. You can specify which locations to include in the search index, and even filter for the file types you wanted indexed.

The Windows Search service runs the indexing process in the background, and automatically rebuilds and updates any changes made to the included locations. This process goes at full speed when your computer is idle, and the indexing speed is reduced when your PC is being used.

However, it occasionally happens that you get search results that are either missing, no longer correct, or out of date.

In that case you will need to manually rebuild the search index.

Find out how you can easily do that below.

1. Open Control Panel in icons view.

2. Head on over to Indexing Options, and click on the Advanced button.

3. Under the Troubleshooting section in Index Settings, click or tap on the Rebuild button.

4. Press OK to confirm.

Rebuilding will now start, and could take a while to complete, particularly if you have a large number of files and folders stored on your computer. If necessary, you can pause the process of rebuilding the search index.

Do keep in mind that you need to be signed in as an administrator to be able to rebuild the search index.

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