How to Recover Windows with Linux?

Linux is an open-source and free operating system whereas Windows is a closed-source based operating system from Microsoft and definitely not free operating system. Our topic for today is how Linux can be used for recovering windows when it is infected by Virus, Malware, Spyware or Adware. It’s debateable as which is a better operating system i.e. Microsoft Windows or Linux. Both have their own domain of supporters but as Microsoft concentrated to make Windows a user friendly operating system hence it is a possibility that Security might be compromised in many ways. Also number of Windows OS user far exceeds that of Linux and so hackers may find concentrating on Windows to be a profitable business.


Due to the above reasons it’s really difficult to secure Windows and so when it is attacked by malicious software recovering becomes very difficult which may also lead to loss of Critical data. There can be a situation when you can neither get the desktop both in Normal Mode or Safe Mode and repairing option fails or maybe you don’t have a Windows installation disc. But there are lot of Critical data in your computer. For Linux set up, talk to a tech support service provider.


There are many distributions available for Linux but today we will mainly discuss about Debian based versions like Ubuntu or Knoppix with which you can recover data if not Windows Operating System. These versions have the advantage of booting from a Live CD. Knoppix can only be booted from a Live CD where as Ubuntu have the option of installing in Hard Disc or booting from Live CD. The greatest advantage is that you can download Ubuntu Linux from Ubuntu website and that also free of cost.


With Ubuntu Linux you can access the Windows Partitions from Places Menu. The partitions will be mounted if you click the partitions from Places Menu. Any critical data existing in Windows Partition can be backed up either in a Flash Drive or an External Hard Drive or if you want you can burn it in a CD or DVD using the CD/DVD burning tool provided with the OS.


Then again if your system is attacked by any malicious software like a Virus or Malware what you can do is boot with a Live CD. In version 10.10 of Ubuntu Linux you can install an antivirus like Klam AV from Application Menu-Ubuntu Software Center- Klam AV but of course you need to have internet connection for that.


Once it is installed you can scan all Windows Partitions which will eliminate any virus or malware from your system. Again you can freely update the virus definition online and free of cost. The below screen shot will display how Klam AV eliminate any malicious Software.


If you want further guidance you can always call any Online Technical Team who will guide you throughout the process in details so that you don’t lose any critical data.

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