How To Reset Network Data Usage In Windows 10

Windows 10 includes a feature that lets you view network data usage, itemized as type of network, and even by the amount of data each app or service uses across the operating system.

This information is tallied every 30 days, though you can reset it whenever you want.

To do that, you must be signed on as an administrator.

This is how you can reset network data usage in Windows 10.

1. Open Settings.

2. Go to Network & Internet, and then select the Data usage option from the left side of the panel.

3. Here you will see the amount of data your device has consumed over the past month, the last 30 days to be exact. A breakdown by the type of connection is available, like Ethernet and WiFi.

4. Click on the View usage details link.

5. Now, with your connection selected from the dropdown menu, click on the Reset usage stats button to have Windows clear the count.

6. It will ask you to confirm the reset, and after a moment, will give you a fresh slate.

7. Hit the Back button to confirm whether the panel now shows 0 MB for your chosen connection, and then close the Settings app.

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