How to run ARM Windows on M1 Macs

How to run ARM Windows on M1 Macs

Now this is really interesting.

YouTuber Martin Nobel has shared a video of the process to run an ARM Windows virtualization on Apple Silicon.

The video also shows the overall impressive performance considering it’s an unofficial workaround.

Martin’s M1 Mac mini benchmarked much higher than Microsoft’s Surface Pro X…almost doubling the single-core score, and coming in almost 2,000 higher in the multi-core score.

Stunningly, you can get about the same performance from the $999 M1 MacBook Air, a closer competitor to the $999 Surface Pro X.

Apple’s VP of software engineering Craig Federighi has said that the ARM version of Windows 10 could run natively on Apple Silicon M1 Macs but was “really up to Microsoft.”

Unfortunately Microsoft’s current licensing doesn’t allow its ARM version of Windows 10 to be used by Apple (since it’s not preinstalled).

And, Microsoft said it didn’t have any news to share when The Verge asked about it making a change to allow Boot Camp on ARM Macs.


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