How To Turn Game Bar On Or Off In Windows 10

The Game bar in Windows 10 is a neat little feature in the operating system that basically serves as a Game DVR tool for you to record and share game clips and screenshots.

Of course, this also means that it can be used a basic screen recording utility for not just the OS, but any app that you run on it. It may be offered as part of the Xbox app in Windows 10, but it functions perfectly for quick and easy screen recording.

Read on to find out how you can put Game bar to play in Windows 10.

1. First make sure you have Game bar turned on in the Settings app, by firing it up and clicking on the newly added Gaming panel that has settings for Game bar, Game DVR, Broadcasting, and Game Mode.

2. With the Game bar selected on the left, ensure that the Record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using Game bar option is toggled on.

3. Now, you can simply press the Win+G shortcut key combination to summon the Game bar in whatever app you are using, or the game you are playing. All the important control and options are neatly displayed in a bar that make it easy to record anything that is on the screen.

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