How To Turn Off Location Service In Windows 10

Location service is one of the best features in Windows 10, at least for those who spend their life on the move. But it’s not for everyone, particularly those that are conscious of their privacy.

If you’re the type, then you may want to turn off the location service in the operating system.

When on, Windows, apps, and services that are available to you will use your location. You will retain the ability to turn off location for any application you choose, and Windows will also notify you with an icon in the Taskbar whenever your location is being used.

But read on, if you want to turn off the location service altogether.

1. Open the Settings panel.

2. Go to Privacy, and the select Location from the list on the left.

3. Here, you can toggle the Location service on or off using the switch.

4. When Windows 10, or any of the app, game or service that you have installed, uses your location, then you will be notified with this sweet little circle icon in the Taskbar. It only flashes for a few seconds, but enough to tell you when your location is being shared.

5. Make your selection, and then close the app to save your opted setting.

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