How to uninstall Windows Internet Explorer 9

If you have failed to uninstall Internet Explorer 9 for several times already, try reading the guide below because this time you will surely get it correctly.

Whenever you install Internet Explorer 9 Beta browser, it will surely replace the lower version which is the Internet Exlporer 8. This happens because these two browsers cannot run simultaneously or at the same time. Although, Internet Explorer 9 comes along with lots of advantages such as- speed, neat design, and a more standard support you may still have reasons with you that may push you to decide on retaining the Internet Explorer 8 as your browser. The following are just few of the possible reasons:

You have browsed on a site that do not look quite right just as you started using the Internet Explorer 9 as the browser. (flickr slideshows is just one of the many examples)
You have come along web applications that require you to use an earlier version of your browser.

Internet Explorer 9 is not like the IE9 Platform Preview which can run simultaneously with a previous version; it is because it is installed as a Windows Update, instead of a separate application.  Eventually, it won’t be directly visible in the Control Panel’s Program/Programs and Features list, unless you click the “view installed updates” link which is found at the top of the Control Panel.

Find the Internet Explorer 9 update by typing “Explorer” (note: quotations are not included) in the Control Panel’s search bar  located at the top right, and the Internet Explorer update will surely appear as the only searched item. After that, double click it and you have to confirm the uninstalling process in the dialogue box that will appear. You no longer need to download and install again the Internet Explorer 8 because it will automatically reappear as you Internet Explorer version.

If you are having Windows 7 or Vista as Operating system, the process is still the same. However, on the later part of the process, you will see entries for both Internet Explorer8 and Internet Explorer 9 in the list in Programs and Features.


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