How Windows 8 SAP applications are a blueprint for Windows 8 enterprise success

With a little tweaking, Windows 8 is perfectly suited for the Enterprise.

There are several substantial reasons why companies are reluctant to dive deep into the Windows 8 pool. Some of the obvious ones are the new UI, Training and the substantial time and cost of deployment.

I really believe though that once companies feel more comfortable about Windows 8, there will be a huge upside for their organizations.

In August of 2011, I said:

First, are there any native hooks built into Windows 8 that would allow integration with Microsoft Dynamics (their own ERP suite)?

Then, with the proliferation of Windows 8 tablets, and the ability of developers to develop in HTML 5 , Javascript, maybe .NET and Silverlight, how are the major vendors going to both develop and disseminate their applications.

It seems to me that we are moving toward an even more productive era in enterprise applications where employees in HR, Finance etc are going to have a lot of flexibility when it comes down performing their work functions.

and in October of 2011, I said:

In-Application Contracts
Contracts in Windows 8 will be a life saver.

Contracts are data clipboards that allow Applications to share information and work together without knowing anything about each other.

This functionality will be a HUGE time saver for developers and enterprises as they will make a lot of todays interfaces redundant.

I’m looking forward to seeing this implemented in Windows 8 applications for SAP,Oracle, PeopleSoft and Dynamics.

We haven’t scratched the surface (pun intended) of what Microsoft could achieve in the Enterprise when executives realize the potential of running Windows 8 in their organizations.

I came across this story about SAP deploying apps for Windows 8 and looking at some of the images, it’s pretty clear what the future holds for Windows 8 and enterprise applications.




As you can see, we’re talking about smooth, sexy looking applications that will be incredibly useful on Tablets and PC’s.

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