HP Also Done With Windows Phone?

Looks like the Windows 10 Mobile experiment did not bring the desired results for HP, with talk that the company is now looking beyond the Windows Phone platform.

Essentially, gearing up to release an Android version of its Elite x3 handset.

The current reigning Windows 10 Mobile flagship offered a lot of firepower, with its potential of allowing users to transform their existing workspaces so that they can control them entirely with their handsets.

Continuum, of course, being the highlight feature of this fairly popular device.

But with Microsoft not looking to polish Windows 10 Mobile, and only interested in upkeep, it seems that HP is left with no choice but to experiment with another alternative — and that alternative being the open source Android.

According to this credible source, HP may be planning a switch to Google’s mobile OS:

It appears that the hardware giant will opt for offering a similar high productivity experience to its Android flavored handset. This may involve using an accessory similar to the Samsung DeX Station, and hooking it up to an existing monitor.

And it makes sense.

If the Korean company can make it work, HP can, too.

HP was said to be working on a midrange Windows 10 Mobile handset targeted towards consumers a few months back, but those plans appear to have come to a screeching halt, as well. Same goes for a direct successor to the Elite x3 that was said to be in development earlier this year.

The unanswered question that remains is whether HP will ever rely on Microsoft for a decent mobile operating system in the future, or are we destined to see only Android handsets from HP from now on?

Any bets?

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