HP Readying A New Mixed Reality Headset For Enterprise

Mixed Reality Headsets

The next generation approaches! There is word that HP is currently preparing to launch a new Windows Mixed Reality headset that the company will target at both enterprise users and consumers.

Codenamed Copper, this device is expected to pack in a few notable improvements.

Starting with a 2160 x 2160 resolution display per eye, which will make it the most pixel-dense Mixed Reality headset yet. It will best the current champion, the Samsung Odyssey+ that sports a 1440 x 1600 resolution.

HP Copper HMD

In fact, HP has redesigned its HMD from the ground up.

And based it on the feedback it received from enterprise customers, who did not consider the field of view to be as large an area of concern as resolution and comfort.

This is why this upcoming headset will not only be lighter and more comfortable to wear, but will also feature much better mechanicals to make it easier for users to put on and remove. It will also come with a heathered material on the front, where the cameras for tracking are located.

And while HP has not revealed any details regarding launch date and pricing, we do know that the firm plans to bring this headset to its Devices as a Service for VR offering.

As part of the Z by HP brand.

With Microsoft also slowly and steadily improving the Windows Mixed Reality platform with each new release of the operating system, this new breed of hardware may well entice and encourage more users and companies to consider giving them a try.

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