HP Says Its Windows Spyware Collects Data With User Consent

Basically, we didn’t do anything! HP was quick to respond to the allegations that surface earlier this week about a driver that was automatically deployed on PCs via Windows Update.

It not only slowed down computers, but also collected user data without what people claimed was their consent.

However, in a statement released today, the hardware giant said that there is no such thing happening on these systems. The only data that is being collected takes place completely anonymously, and is actually enabled after users agree to it.

HP VP of Customer Experience said that the HP Touchpoint Analytics service while enabled recently following a driver update, and it only collects information just in case anything goes wrong.

If anything, this is something the company has been doing since 2014:

“HP Touchpoint Analytics is a service we have offered since 2014 as part of HP Support Assistant. It anonymously collects diagnostic information about hardware performance. No data is shared with HP unless access is expressly granted. Customers can opt-out or uninstall the service at any time.

HP Touchpoint Analytics was recently updated and there were no changes to privacy settings as part of this update. We take customer privacy very seriously and act in accordance with a strict policy, available here.”

So, I guess that’s that.

Claims that HP has started spying on users may have made headlines this week, but a service with a similar purpose and different name has been around for a few years now. The spying allegations, company says, basically came from nowhere.

Still, if you are concerned about having spyware on your PC, then you can simply uninstall the Touchpoint Analytics client on your Windows 10 machine.

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