HP Thinks It Has Reinvented Retail

But has it? Apparently, a Windows 10 device with Kaby Lake processor was what was needed to bring along this reinvention that the new ElitePOS, a new point-of-sale system, has introduced.

Which you got to admit, looks mighty sleek with its modular design.

At the end of the day, this is just another POS machine, but the company has spared no expense in designing it. HP calls it retail-durable, designed to pass MIL-STD tests, deter minor spills by channeling liquid out the device, and provide efficient cooling with side venting for improved reliability.

It can do it all, so to say.

This video does a might good job of highlighting what’s on offer here:

And the HP announcement fills it in with the details, revealing the three models of the ElitePOS that are set to be offered at launch. These being, Model 141, Model 143, and Model 145.

While you can gander at the hardware specifications of the device at the link above, the hardware giant made it a point to highlight some of the key security features that it has designed and developed for the ElitePOS line of machines.

These include BIOS level device security, user authentication technologies, as well as measures to ensure the physical safety of the devices.

HP plans to launch the ElitePOS later this month, and will not only make it available directly, but also through its global network of 250,000 partners. The company also announced a list of independent software vendors that plan to support its new solution.

Don’t know about reinventing retail, but this is a mighty good piece of hardware, that’s for sure.

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