HTC 8X Confirmed To Get The GDR3 Update Instead Of GDR2

The recent news that the Windows Phone GDR2 update was cancelled by HTC for its 8X smartphone raised quite a few eyebrows, with some fearing that the Taiwanese handset maker may be dropping support for its Windows Phone devices.

Vodafone Australia made an announcement last week that HTC does not plan on offering the anticipated and long-awaited GDR2 (General Distribution Release 2) update for the HTC 8X.

And for the oddest of reasons, the hardware maker did not even provide an explanation to go with the news, which led to further confusion.

But today, the Australian carrier has confirmed in a short statement that the HTC 8X will instead be upgraded directly to GDR3 update and this latest update is on track to be available very soon — soon, as in the following weeks.

HTC actually got in touch with Vodafone Australia and said that it wouldn’t be releasing the GDR2 update, as it was focusing on the release of GDR3. The statement reads:

“Good news for owners of the Windows Phone 8X by HTC. After some concerns were raised by some customers regarding ongoing support for your phone, they got in touch to reassure us.

While the bad news is that you won’t be receiving GDR2, the good news is that you’ll be jumping straight to GDR3.”

There is no word yet on the exact release date of the GDR3 update for the HTC 8X. Nevertheless the network carrier has confirmed that timings for the rollout of this update will be announced soon.

But considering just how close the GDR2 and GDR3 updates seem to be (due to the fact that former was delayed during testing), this may not be too bad of a deal. And more importantly, it is nice to see HTC standing by its products.

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