HTC Planning a Windows Blue Tablet for Later This Year (Rumor)

Earlier I wrote about how I believed Microsoft should consider holding off on a Windows Blue 7 or 8-inch Surface Mini and instead rely on its partner, Nokia, to be the first to this space.

If Nokia does end up getting involved in the Windows tablet space, it might not be the only Windows Phone partner making that jump. According to consulting firm NPD DisplaySearch, HTC is now readying a 10.1-inch tablet that will run Windows Blue and launch later this year.

HTC hasn’t exactly done well in the tablet space, but perhaps they feel that they could bring something different to the table with Windows Blue. We don’t know much about this supposed HTC Windows tablet, other than it will sport a 1920 x 1080 HD display.

Again, this is all a rumor at this point and should be taken with a HEAVY dose of salt. It also isn’t the first time we’ve heard that HTC is considering a Windows tablet.

Why You Should Be Suspicious of an HTC Windows Tablet

The idea of an HTC tablet isn’t a bad one. HTC has had some really unique devices recently, such as its Windows Phone 8 devices and its Android-based HTC One. Like Nokia, it has also struggled in recent years and is looking for ways to get back on firm ground.

So branching out to the tablet space, makes sense – but going with a 10-inch tablet doesn’t. Considering HTC’s knowledge with ARM processors, this would likely be a 10-inch Windows RT device. Outside of the Surface RT, most hardware makers have found very limited success with RT.

With HTC being new to the Windows 8/Blue tablet game, going with a smaller form factor (7 or 8-inch) would have sounded much more likely.

Still, you never know. What do you think, would you like to see an HTC Windows Blue tablet with a 10.1-inch True HD display? Share your thoughts below.

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