HTC Windows 8 Tablet Is Reportedly Already In Production

Wow, there are rumors and then there are things like this! While most bits like these, leak out to public, it seems that HTC has managed to keep some impressive amount of secrecy for its Windows 8 slate.

If the rumor below is true, that is.

The latest from NPD DisplaySearch is that HTC is already well on its way to build a Windows 8 tablet for release later this year. Word is that the tablet will use a 10.1-inch LG display with a crystal clear 1920 by 1080 resolution.

This may just put HTC ahead of Nokia in the tablet realm, as the Finnish company is still said to toying with its tablet plans. Either way, this is good news for Microsoft’s newest platform.

Pegatron is the company that has been speculated as in charge of the building the device, and the source above claims that the tablets already went into production in the first quarter of the year — late March, most probably.

Still, as far as rumors go, they are best taken with a pinch of salt. This one in particular, what with it being so early and tentative! But seeing as mobile is the next big frontier, it would not be surprising to see HTC strike early and launch a few Windows powered devices.

Windows powered, in this case being the full version of Windows 8, the Pro.

And this also means Windows RT will have an even steeper climb, now with several large manufacturers staying away from the platform, at least for the time being.

But if HTC can bring its smartphone design philosophy to its Windows 8 tablets, it stands to reason that they could be a hit with consumers. It will not take too long for Windows 8 Pro slates to first complement and then replace traditional laptops.

Now, all we need is a sneak peek at what Nokia is cooking.

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