Huawei Puts Windows Laptops On Hold

Huawei Windows Laptop

The Windows hardware ecosystem has lost a good one! Huawei is said to have suspended the development of Windows laptops, as the company is no longer allowed to use the operating system.

Windows based products. Its PC hardware business had registered growth of around 330% on the back of some highly impressive and successful devices.

Like the MateBook.

Long story short, this wave of success has been cut short by the United States government, via an executive order signed by President Donald Trump in May that put Huawei on its Entity List.

In other words, it put a ban on the company for use of products developed by American firms like Microsoft, Google and Intel. Since both the software and hardware sides were affected, Huawei can no longer install Windows and Android on its devices.

Huawei has already started the development of its own OS to replace both Android and Windows, but since this new universal platform is not yet ready, the Chinese company has no other option than to delay certain projects.

And delay, it has.

As a result of the company not having the necessary components of making a sellable notebook, it has put the development of new laptops on hold.

It turns out that Huawei has already communicated its decision to supply chain partners, and all of them have been told to suspend deliveries, albeit temporary, until Huawei solves the problem of not having an operating system for its PCs.

Word is that the Huawei OS will be ready for its Chinese debut in the fall.

But until then a number of devices might either be delayed or eventually canceled for good. Particularly, those with technical specifications that may no longer be in line with existing market demand when they are actually ready for launch.

The international debut of this new operating system is actually on track for next year, and before then Huawei will test drive this on smartphones in various markets.

Ultimately, there is a chance, however small, that Huawei may never make a return to the Windows ecosystem. More so if it gains traction with its own operating system and processors. Just what the world needed.

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