iCloud Photos integration rolling out for Windows 11 users

November 9, 2022

Synergy. It’s the name of the game these days. And Microsoft knows this all too well. This is why it has teamed up with Apple for this new feature that is now rolling out for Windows 11 users.

iCloud integration.

Or, more specifically, iCloud Photos integration.

This basically means that that those of you who are entrenched in the Apple ecosystem can now manage photos that you have stored on iCloud right from within the Photos app. This functionality was added to the application with version 2022.31100.9001.0.

And it comes a little less than a month after Microsoft began the rollout of the first Moment update for its operating system. These were promised during the Surface showcase event last month.

While we still wait for the screen recorder and Apple Music app to arrive for the OS, the software titan has brought this iCloud integration to all Windows 11 users.

iCloud Photos

The company describes this new addition as:

“We know that many Windows customers have photo and video collections on their iPhones that they would like to be able to view on their PC. This iCloud Photos integration will make it easier for those with an iPhone to have direct access to all their cherished memories in one organized place and is another step in our continued efforts to make experiences on Windows 11 seamless.”


Those of you who own an iPhone and are using iCloud Photos to store their pictures and videos now have the ability to sync your digital libraries with your Windows PCs.

The Photos app in Window 11 has received a dedicated section where you can browse and manage the images stored in the cloud. Not too dissimilar to how the application lets you view photos from OneDrive.

Getting in on this requires downloading the latest Photos app, as well as iCloud for Windows from the Microsoft Store. Be sure to install all available updates, then sign in with your Apple ID. Launch the Photos app and click iCloud Photos on the left pane.

Microsoft says that the updated Photos app should become available to all users by the end of the month as rollout commences.

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