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ID R&D Accepted Into Microsoft IoT & AI Insider Labs


Microsoft continues to invest IoT and AI to transform how people and devices interact. And it enlists good help along the way. ID R&D is the latest team up in this regard.

This is an award-winning biometric solutions provider that offers proprietary AI based behavioral, voice and anti-spoofing user authentication capabilities.

And it has announced today that it has been accepted into Microsoft’s global IoT & AI Insider Labs, which is a program designed for selected companies to create, operate and enhance intelligence product solutions at scale.

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Konstantin Simonchik, CTO of ID R&D:

“Microsoft offers experience, ability, insight, and a reputation for being at the forefront of technological disruption since the beginning. That ID R&D will be able to work out of their state-of-the-art facilities as well as have access to Microsoft’s deep domain expertise is an honor for us and speaks to the commitment our firm places on delivering a peerless AI-based biometric solution.”

The Redmond based technology firm has three Insider Labs located in the US, China and Germany.

ID R&D will work in the Seattle lab to focus on its multimodal biometric authentication solutions, including AI enhanced features for further reducing user requirements for secure identification.

The company plans to use its proprietary AI-based voice, facial, and behavioral biometric technology to deliver comprehensive, accurate, friendly, and fast biometric solutions for companies looking for next-level security and a frictionless authentication.

Locate ID R&D here.

Written by Melanie Russell

Melanie Russel lives in rural North Carolina. With a degree in statistics, his research interests include probability theory, time series analysis and network flow dynamics. When not geeking out over AI technologies, she is likely to be geeking over film, software or pretending to play the guitar.

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