ID Software's John Carmack not a big Windows 8 fan – Video

Gabe Newell from Valve with all the haterade about Windows 8. Then it was Rob Pardo from Blizzard. Now, here we are again with another gaming bigwig kicking sand in Windows 8’s face. I have been a MASSIVE fan of ID software and John Carmack since DOOM came out for the PC in 1993. ID software single handedly gave us the first person shooter style of gaming and changed PC game play forever. Now the co-founder of ID has come out with some less than enthusiastic remarks about Windows 8. You can see the remarks on the video below and near the 2:47 hour mark, Carmack is asked about Windows 8 from an audience member. He basically expresses his doubts about Windows 8 and talks about how popular Windows XP was and Windows 7 now is. Enjoy…]]>

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