IE Patches Should Be Installed Even If Other Browsers Are Used

Microsoft recently released a new set of security patches for Internet Explorer as it tried to patch vulnerabilities that could potentially expose user data in case a system is attacked.

The software titan has completely streamlined its patch delivery system, with new updates being released the second Tuesday of every month.

And considering just how closely Internet Explorer I tired into the Windows operating system security experts recommend users to install all these updates. Users are suggested to install these updates for IE, even if they are using a different web browser as their first choice.

Marc Maiffret, the chief technology officer for BeyondTrust talking to V3 said:

“We have a lot of customers that do run Chrome. The thing you want to make sure of is that you don’t just have Chrome installed alongside but make sure it is the default browser, and not just the browser on the desktop.”

The reason that deploying these patches is important is because even if a user is using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as the browser of choice, some of the installed applications may still rely on Internet Explorer and open it up as the default browser.

Microsoft releases fixes and updates for IE as part of its monthly Patch Tuesday cycle.

Internet Explorer patches are obviously delivered via Windows Update, and to be on the safe side, make sure you set your operating system to install these patches as soon as they finish downloading.

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