IE10 Becomes The Second Fastest Browser

Microsoft’s flagship browser is fast. Very fast, as a matter of pure fact. But it still cannot lay claim of being the swiftest application of its kind. A series of test by Cross Browser Handbook puts Internet Explorer 10 faster than Firefox 16, Opera 12 as well as Internet Explorer 9 (duh), but the browser ultimately yields to – wait for it – Google Chrome 23. IE10 came in second place, nevertheless, with some impressive numbers to show for it. As is usually the case, the browsers were put through three tests: Sunspider, Octane and HTML5. And while Internet Explorer knocked the first one out of the park, Chrome got the top spots in the other two, ensuring that Google’s browser remains the leader of the pack. “As indicated above Chrome is still the fastest and most up-to-date browser out there. Regarding JavaScript performance IE 10 is up to the standard but the lack of implemented HTML 5 features is disappointing,” the results read.  The IE10 version that was tested is still in preview stage so cannot be expected to be as fast as the version for Windows 8. “It has taken Microsoft 19 months to create the new Internet Explorer version. Unfortunately there are not that many improvements to show for this huge amount of development time. Still comparing to IE 9 Microsoft was able to close the gap between IE and the other modern browsers. If Microsoft can manage to switch to an (sic) rapid release cycle IE could get quite a good browser again”, the blog concluded. Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 was previously a Windows 8 exclusive, but given how the browser shined and the impressive performance it delivered, the company started work on a version for Windows 7. The final build of IE10 for Windows 7 is expected later this year (or early next). And yes, don’t even expect to be given a chance to deploy it if you are still on Windows XP or Vista. IE 8 and IE 9 respectively are your best bets if you want to run Internet Explorer on a computer running these operating systems.]]>

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