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I'm voting for Samsung Windows 8 Phones


Written by Onuora Amobi


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  1. They are nice and if (which is most likely) Nokia does not have anything available here, I will get one. But I have to say that new red or yellow Lumia 920 is pretty slick looking. Hardware wise, I know where you are coming from, the Samsung looks like its Android brother which is a beast while the Lumia 920 looks a lot like the 900 which was adequate but not compelling. But I think under the hood, the 920 and the Ativ are likely both quite similar. We will know pretty soon.

    • Well we know now that the 920 is the Beast and the Samsung Ativ, well it’s by far not to be compared with the 920. Samsing will have the same problem that it had with it’s previous WP’s. Nokia has acces to the core software and can customize it’s smartphones to the windows software, making a unique smartphone. If Samsung wants to compete with Nokia it must strike a deal with Microsoft, otherwise they will be left far behind when it comes to WP8.

  2. the ativ s is really nice. and so much better than any samsung android phone. but when i see the upcoming renders of nokias new lumia devices, samsung has nothing more to say…

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