Indian CIO's are cautious about Windows 8

“Today, companies are still basking in the glory of a pan-organizational Windows 7 implementation. A considerable amount of time, money, and with change management, has gone into the process. Expecting a Windows 8 adoption now is silly,” says Vishal Tripathi, principal research analyst at Gartner. New technology has always been met with a cautious pace of adoption in not only India but across the world. CIO’s usually wisely take a look and see approach for each new technology stack before forming an opinion about deployment.

“We usually believe in waiting for six to eight months before beginning to even test a new mobile OS,” says Godwin Fernandes, CTO at Mumbai-based Ask Investment Holdings.
This is not really a big deal because until all the dust clears around Windows 8, execs will pause and watch. Stay tuned for more executive news.. Source]]>

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