Indian Regulatory Authority Approves Microsoft Nokia Deal

Large and high-profile acquisitions are a lengthy process, usually spanning months. Microsoft may have announced its Nokia takeover deal a while back, but the whole procedure is expected to be complete sometimes next year.

That is, pending approval from shareholders and regulatory authorities.

And while both companies are waiting from EU’s approval on the deal, they have received the thumbs up to complete their $7 billion deal from India. The local Competition Commission believes that the deal is unlikely to cause an adverse effect on competition in the country.

The Wall Street Journal reports the story, with the Commission explaining:

“This relation is relatively insignificant, taking into consideration the minimal share of Microsoft as well as the presence of major players like Google and Apple, as well as other players like RIM, Linux, Mozilla etc. in the business of the operating software used in the mobile/smartphones and tablets in India.”

India is an important market for Nokia — in fact, it remains the Finnish company’s second top market even as its global market share dipped. And likewise, it is also an important market for Microsoft as it transitions into a devices and services strategy.

Redmond is betting big on countries like China and India for its newer products, hardware and software.

The local antitrust regulators further noted that Microsoft’s collaboration does not affect the Indian market, and this is due to the fact that several other mobile phone makers are already selling their handsets in the country.

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