Inexpensive Android Tablet For Kids Uses Windows 8 UI

here. Windows 8 new user interface has been deemed confusing in many tech circles, with reviewers lambasting that a lot of home and business users are struggling to get used to the new Start Screen and elements like hot corners and charms. Can’t argue with a word like lambasting! Microsoft, however, has maintained that the new interface is so intuitive that even a kid can use it. I guess they were right. It certainly is unique in the sense that the modern tiled (or Metro for purists) is one of the most original things to come along in a very long time. It, however, remains to be seen how Microsoft responds to the design choice of this tablet, if at all. And oh, the $149.99 tablet is no slouch when it comes to technologies. It has everything a kid would want from a multi-touch capacitive display to front camera, built-in speakers and Wi-Fi to a microSD card slot. Lucky kids!]]>

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