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Infinite Campus Finds A Home In The Azure Marketplace

Time for some news from the education sector. Infinite Campus has been published in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace as a compliant application to Azure Active Directory.

Users have relied on this student information solution for 25 years, and Infinite Campus now manages some 7.8 million students in 45 states. Institutions with fewer than 100 students and those with more than 600,000 have made use of the platform.

And now, they will be easily able to configure it on the Azure cloud.

Infinite Campus Logo

James Metz, Software Product Analyst II, Delivery Automation group talked about this arrival:

“This move allows our customers the ease of configuring the Infinite Campus SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) Single Sign-On (SSO) Service Provider functionality to an instance of Microsoft Azure AD.”

Good stuff.

Infinite Campus customers include school districts, regional consortia, state departments of education, along with the federal government.

The software solution has been certified and optimized to run on Azure, with Microsoft testing it against the current version of Azure Active Directory. Only after successful testing, and the creation of a helpful end-to-end configuration tutorial, is the app published.

You can take a look at the tutorial directly here.

While the direct link to the Infinite Campus application is available here.

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