Infographic: 10 Tips For SharePoint Project Success

infographic illustrates, creating a SharePoint project is not just about accepting a new piece of software and leaving your staff to it; there should be someone in charge of making sure that everybody using it understands what it is for and why they are using it. On top of that, like any useful business commodity, proactive training should be given for all users so that they are always up to date with changes or developing aspects of the software. No one wants to struggle through learning something new; it takes longer that way and in the end will cost you more money. One mistake a lot of companies make is taking on a SharePoint project and leaving it to the IT team to manage. SharePoint has nothing to do with IT; they will not be using it! What you have to remember with a SharePoint project is that it’s your office workers that will be utilizing it; therefore it is them who should have control over the project. Unlike a lot of projects that you may take on in the workplace a SharePoint project should never really have an end in sight. There should be no real deadlines of when you will no longer be using it, but instead there should be specific targets set in place about where you want your business to be with the continuous use of the software. You will probably find that you use SharePoint more and more as the business grows and develops – this is a good thing. Because things are likely to change as your business grows you should always be on the look out to change your SharePoint strategies. It could be that you require more of your staff to be involved in the project, therefore more training is required. It could be that you need to utilize more in SharePoint, so your software package may increase, either way don’t ignore the financial aspects or time it will take to make these alterations. The idea is to keep the balance; don’t overdo it at the start. Begin small and progress when you need to in order to make your SharePoint project a success. More details are available on the official Evoke IT website. infographic_sharepoint_roject_success_full]]>

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