Informatica Teams Up With Microsoft For Cloud Migration

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Cloud migration isn’t the easiest task in the world. But it doesn’t have to be particularly hard either, as long as you have good help. Informatica is here to offer just that with their latest collaboration.

With Microsoft, no less.

The two companies are joining forces to make cloud analytics migration for customers a much more efficient process. Both firms will make personnel and resources available as part of this offering, and providing their services to help customers analyze their data estate and work out possibilities.

To that end, two main target aspects are being highlighted — free evaluation and free code conversion,

Basically, the idea is for the process to cost customers no extra money, nor affect their existing systems, while they get started with the migration.

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Rik Tamm-Daniels from Informatica had this to say:

“At Informatica, we are excited to team up with Microsoft to bring the transformative power of AI-driven data management to accelerate the journey to the cloud for every customer who faces the challenge of scaling their enterprise data warehouse. The stakes are simply too high for companies to continue with the status quo. Together with Microsoft, we’re enabling companies to take their first step into the future at no cost.”

Azure and Informatica will have analytics experts on-site to help enterprises as they begin their migration journey to the cloud platform.

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Additionally, Microsoft is also offering a SQL Data Warehouse subscription for the duration of the proof of value, up to 30 days. This new offer definitely helps enterprises in avoiding costs like these before the process can begin.

Neat stuff, overall.

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