Inside CES 2012 – Intel tease with Windows 8 on the Nikiski Ultrabook

Today at CES,  Intel also unveiled a prototype Windows 8 ultrabook called the Nikiski.

The Nikiski has a very different type of design with a clear glass touchpad that takes up the space underneath the keyboard which is usually reserved for your palm.

The touchpad also has the ability to detect when you rest your palms on it to type, so you don’t accidentally move the cursor.

Here’s the kicker with the Nikiski – when the lid is closed, about a third of the Ultrabook’s screen is still visible with a partial widget view with which you can do minor stuff like check your emails, feeds and notifications.

It’s a novelty at this point and we’ll have to see exactly where this one goes.

Oh also, not sure who the actual device manufacturer is.

Some video below…

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