Inside Windows 8: PC Settings – Ease of Access

Charms > Settings > More PC Settings > Ease of Access There are several different options here.

  • You can change the contrast
  • You can make everything bigger
  • You can tab through web pages and applications using caret browsing*
  • You can setup the Windows Key and volume combo
  • Determine notification lengths
  • Determine the thickness of the cursor
*So, if you’re like me, you’re probably like “What the heck is Caret browsing?”. Here’s what Wikipedia says:
In computing, caret navigation is a kind of keyboard navigation where a caret (also known as “text cursor”, “text insertion cursor”, or “text selection cursor”) is used to navigate within a text document. It is a fundamental feature for applications that deal with text, for example text editors (the most famous examples: Emacs and Vim), word processors and desktop publishing programs.
Umm.. OK.]]>

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