Intel 12th gen Alder Lake details have leaked

March 22, 2021
Intel Core Chip

The new, new thing! Intel very recently launched its Rocket Lake line of processors for the desktop, and we now already have some official looking details of its next generation Alder Lake CPUs leak out.

That is to say, the CPU architecture and its adjoining platform.

This new intel, pun always intended, comes via Videocardz who have obtained slides that detail these upcoming processors. According to the report, these chips will be built on Intel’s Enhanced 10nm SuperFin process and will be powered by the company’s Golden Cove core architecture.

In terms of performance, there are suggestions that these next generation processors will have a 20% improvement in their single-thread capabilities — presumably over their Rocket Lake predecessors. This uptick in performance is likely an outcome of higher clocks and higher instructions per cycle.

Multi-threading also allegedly sees a doubling of performance, and that is probably due to the fact that Intel is adding more cores.

Here are a couple of slides that detail this new platform:

Although the slides do not specifically mention it, the presence of Gracemount Cores in the multithreaded performance section suggests that these are the Alder Lake-P chips that will feature Intel’s hybrid Big-Bigger CPU design.

This is further supported by the next point that mentions the company’s Hardware Guided Scheduling technology that is part of its hybrid CPU design philosophy.

According to Intel, HGS works with the Windows 10 scheduler to intelligently assign tasks to the appropriate cores and threads.

Since Intel recently launched Rocket Lake and Tiger Lake, it will be while before we see Alder Lake out in the wild. But judging by how the chip giant has launched its processors in recent past, the mobile variants of these new CPUs will likely arrive earlier.

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