Intel And AMD Team Up To Revolutionize Notebooks

Stranger things have happened. Intel and AMD, the two companies few would have thought would have collaborated, are doing just that. The rumors of these two chip giants working together have come true.

Basically, Intel has confirmed Kaby Lake G series.

Which is a line of processors with integrated Radeon graphics inside.


This development comes just a few weeks after Intel officially unveiled its 8th generation Core processors. And it has Intel creating a new processor design with AMD, using the superior graphics that its competitor is renowned for — instead of its own integrated GPU solutions, that is to say.

Watch this video below to get a better idea of what this entails:

Basically, this team up will allow Intel to create a new design that can reduce its silicon footprint by more than 50%, while also offering support for real time power sharing across the CPU, GPU and stack memory.


AMD has made its mark with its APU units, which are essentially processors that combine a CPU and GPU. Intel, meanwhile, is not really getting anywhere with its integrated graphics solutions.

So anyway, this new product will be part of the 8th generation Intel Core family, and bring together the company’s H-series processor with second generation HBM2, or High Bandwidth Memory as it’s called, and a custom discrete graphics chip from AMD.

The company promises thinner and lighter devices, namely notebooks, ultrabooks, tablets, 2-in-1s, hybrids and mini desktops. Devices that deliver, what Intel calls, incredible graphics performance.

What a time to be alive!

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