Intel Announces Amber Lake, Whiskey Lake CPUs

Time for some juicy hardware news! Intel is here with some new mobile processors. Namely the Amber Lake and Whiskey Lake line of CPUs, which the chip giant has just officially announced.

Ahead of IFA 2018, the blockbuster industry event.

Let’s start with Amber Lake.

These are extremely low power processors, part of the company’s Y-series line, and are built on the now familiar 14nm process node. These are still dual core chips, with four threads, though they are now 5W instead of the previous generation 4.5W.

The model numbers, meanwhile, are Core m3-8100Y, i5-8200Y and i7-8500Y.

In case you go looking for them, that is to say.

As is evident, these chips are made for slim, fanless PCs that can be as thing as 7mm and weigh less than a pound. Along with this remarkable processing power, these devices can also support 4G LTE modems and gigabit WiFi.

Moving onto the Whisky Lake line, these are the ultra low power U-series chips, 15W processors that promise a 10% increase in performance from the ones they are replacing.

The processor models are Core i3-8145U, i5-8265U and i7-8565U.

And just like the previous iteration, the Core i5 and i7 models are quad-core with eight threads, while the i3 is a simple minded dual core with four threads. Devices that make use of these CPUs can get battery life of up to 19 hours.

Speaking of, Intel has confirmed that PCs that use these new chips will be out by fall.

A neat little refresh this may be, but the company has done nothing to simplify its products names, which many people still find confusing. Nevertheless, expect several 2-in-1s and ultrabooks to house these new chips that although ­not promise the world in terms of performance, are still an improvement.

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