Intel Braswell Chips Delayed To 2015, No One Is Surprised

information has popped up about these 14nm chips. First up that they come with much improved CPU and GPU performance, and much enhanced energy requirements — all to do with higher efficiency of the fabrication process. If all goes according to plan, these might live on less than 4.3 watts that the newest Celeron chips demand. Which is an exceptionally impressive feat, all things considered. Intel, it is said, is gearing up for a launch between the months of March to May 2015, but once again, everything depends upon the yields of the 14nm process. AMD is also preparing much more power efficient chips that might compete with Intel Braswell. Ultimately, the Windows platform will be the winner, as one can be sure that a number of new devices powered by these processing solutions will make their way to the store shelves, all through the year, at varying price points.]]>

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