Intel CEO Paul Otellini leaving, will officially retire in May of 2013

It seems that revolutionary changes in management seem to be happening everywhere in the tech world. Who’s leaving now? Paul Otellini of Intel. This one is pretty cut and dry: he’s retiring. No secret firing or other claims are likely attached to his departure.

Otellini has been with Intel since 1974 and has been CEO since 2005, so now it is simply his time to move on and retire.

The makes Otellini the fifth CEO of Intel, not bad for a company that has been around for half a century now. The good news is that he will be working to help conduct proper transition and won’t leave until May 2013.

We don’t yet have an official name for who is taking its place, though you can bet that the already have a pretty good idea of the candidates they will consider for the position. What happens after he leaves the company? He will continue on as an adviser for Intel it seems.

Paul Otellini has undoubtedly had a major impact on Intel and the decisions the company has made in the last decade and even before. It will be interesting to see who fills his shoes.

What do you think of the news of the CEO leaving?

Did you like Intel’s direction under Otellini or not?

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