Intel Core i9 Is Officially A Beast

After months of speculation, Intel has finally detailed the full specifications of its Core X series, which also includes a couple of Core i9 processors meant for those who live their lives on the extreme.

Their tech lives, that is.

The chip giant had announced this new processor family back in May, and highlighted what it called a series of firsts that reflect the extreme performance we are delivering — spurred on by those amazing AMD Ryzen chips, no doubt.

And now, the official announcement has all the details, including the first Intel CPU with an unimaginable 18 cores and 36 threads.

Here’s the full spec sheet of the Core X processor family:


On top of that, another improvement to the Core X line is the new Turbo Boost Max 3.0 clock speeds, which according to the company will identify the two top performing cores and direct critical workloads to these cores for a big jump in single or multithreaded performance.

Hopefully this technology also makes its way to more affordable Intel processors in the future.

For the release dates of these new chips, the company has the availability of the 12-core processor starting on August 28, and the 14 and 18 core chips hitting store shelves starting August 25. The 4 to 10 core processors are already available for purchase.

You can gain more insights into these launches in the two PDF files below.

Download: Intel Core X Product Overview | Fact Sheet

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